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Article 19: Most Googled Questions about Autism

Autism Edge Series

I am very excited to share this series with you. Autism Edge was born through the journey I have embarked gathering insight and knowledge along the way. I would love to share what I have learnt in the last 6 years with you.

In this week's article we are talking about “the most asked questions about autism ?!”

We are having a look at what are the most asked questions on the internet about autism and then answering them one at a time. Here we go...

Here is what Wikipedia had to say: “Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.”

The first question that came upon Google-

Is Autism a disability? 

Autism is a neuro-developmental disability, in lame language, it influences brain function. Through research we know that with a specific diet we can assist children to become a healthy and happier child with an improved function of the brain as well as immune system. 

What might cause autism?

Any specialist in any field will agree that autism is a complex disorder that cannot simply be explained in a few lines. Children with autism falls on a wide range of abilities. As far as we know there is no specific cause that we can blame like genetics, environment or what the mom followed in diet or activity during pregnancy. We know that there are several factors that play a huge role in autism. In our previous articles we talked about following a very specific diet to improve overall health and abilities, we discussed yeast and candida, the role of zinc and copper as well as toxins. 

Is autism curable? 

Research have not found a cure for autism as it is complex, but there are support and interventions ?that can assist in their needs as well as to improve their life. There are amazing people who shares their story of having a child with autism through blogging, video or vlogging, they share free resources that can help you as a parent. 

Is autism caused by vaccines ?

These claims are unscientific and no proof could be found. These claims started in 1990 but could not be proved. 

Can people with autism show empathy towards others? 

Yes, yes, yes. People with autism can feel emotions including empathy, affection, love, anger and sadness. I have met children that are even more affectionate than people deemed normal.  People with autism finds it hard to show or express their emotions.

Why do people with autism stim?

Everyone stims in which ever form or manner. Stimming is also said to be self-stimulatory behavior. Examples of stimming is tapping your foot, biting your nails, playing with your fingers, tapping on desk or biting your pen. People with autism stims more regularly when they feel stressed, excited, overwhelmed or any other emotion that are felt in an abundance of. Examples of stimming for people with autism are flapping of the arms, rocking back and forth, jumping and repeating of words (also known as echolalia). 

Why do we see that people with autism have special abilities, almost like to be geniuses?

This is only partially true. There is a small percentage of people, children and adults, with autism that can-do amazing things. To mention a few will be to be able to do very complex mathematics or be able to be IT Gurus, some can play musical instruments like the greats of all time. It is believed that when you find the topic that the child finds fascinating, you can teach them any subject around that topic and keep their attention. Doing so will cause them to be knowledgeable around that topic.

Google can be a wonderful place to find answers to any question, but keep in mind that you might come down upon information that can only confuse you as a parent who would like to help their child in their journey. Always consult with a health care provider when you need advice about a certain topic. You know your child best and how to support him. Extra information obtained from the internet can be life changing for parents as well as a great tool. Having a team of people, you can trust is the goal. 

I have come to enjoy and treasure her website and knowledge Karen Thomas. Her website link is

Amazing resources for any parent or care giver.

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